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An RFP remains the most prudent way to evaluate and hire - which is why many Consultants conduct RFPs, RFIs, and Price Checks regularly for their clients.  Some even attract new clients with a vendor assessment.  Yet the process is archaic.  Slow.  And, let's face it, unnecessarily painful for everyone involved...until now.   eRFP lets you issue an RFP with ease - create questions, invite candidates, set a timeline and submit.  Letting you and your team to get to the important parts: evaluating proposals, collaborating and working with your clients.    


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All eRFP beta users receive concierge level technology assistance to ensure a headache-free experience and we even extend this white-glove service to your eRFP candidates!  Every aspect of the website is designed to accelerate the review process, save significant time and help avoid costly mistakes - allowing everyone to refocus on the right priorities.  Impress current (and future) clients with better deliverables, an upgraded process and more time for them...rather than submitting & collecting paperwork.  


Developed by institutional RFP experts who hate the old process...can you say Stone Age?

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