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eRFP is an innovative, flexible new concept for institutional investors and allocators.  We're pioneering the modern search (also known as an RFP, RFI, due diligence review, DDQ, search and price check).  Our Founders are former investment consultants who collectively spent the better part of a quarter-century running and competing in large-scale searches.  As these searches became more prevalent and came more down market, we were continuously surprised and frustrated with the lack of innovation for this process.  Ultimately, we decided the institutional investment community deserved better...

eRFP is bringing this important process into the 21st century, where it belongs.   

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Why should your organization bring the RFP, RFI, DDQ process online...isn't it obvious?  


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The new online technology HELPING FIDUCIARIES HIRE at the SPEED OF BUSINESS.

 Matt McCue, Managing Director of FinNews, “InHub’s eRFP tool allows institutional investors and consultants to operate through an RFP in a streamlined manner. The RFP process is the best way for allocators to ensure they are identifying and hiring the best providers and InHub has found a way to eliminate the hurdles many face in conducting an open search process.”

The Future of Search

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